Creating Interiors That Are Personal, Wonderful and You.

Jade Maria is not only about creating gorgeous interiors which show passion for design, colour and shape but creating ther perfect atmosphere and a space that oozes personality, memorability and innovation.


More then anything, I love colour, shape and texture. I love how it makes you feel, how dramatic and statement it can look and the effect it creates, whether it's used subtly or boldly. When it comes to interiors I find inspiration almost everywhere, it could be a photograph, an art piece, a fashion accessory, a postcard, a flower, a building etc. I could go on for days. However, whilst this may help with the creation, it's the person/people whom the design is for that is the main element. There is no point creating a gorgeous space that only reflects me, I want my designs to shout Jade Maria of course but the key focus is to create something personal, wonderful and you, whilst still totally unique and innovative. 

I was lucky enough to grow up with parents that always took pride in our home. Every house we lived in was always made to look beautiful through renovation, decoration and accessorising. Walls were knocked down and rooms were transformed and even as a child I was always super excited to see the outcome and watch our home transform into a gorgeous place to be. However, there is one part of all this that always stuck with me and is a major influence on my absolute obsession and love for interior design. Mum. Mum would surprise us with bedrooms that were just super cool for a kid. (now, we moved around a lot as my dad liked working on the houses and selling them on, so I had quite a handful of bedrooms in my younger days.) We would go to school and come home to a funky, colourful new space that mum had totally redecorated and accessorised to suit us (when i say us, 3 of us, 5 now!). I always absolutely loved what she had created and the excitement I felt when I got told to open my eyes is so memorable. I knew from these younger days that I wanted to make rooms look beautiful, watch someone smile and love a space that I had created. I knew that I wanted to design homes and rooms that people would love being in and feel proud of, just like my mum, Maria, did for us.



Creating Interiors That Are Personal, Wonderful and You.